How to mine BrazukCoin: Complete beginner’s guide

BrazukCoin is a privacy focused coin which gains in popularity in crypto world. Mining BrazukCoin can be a profitable due to its fast adapting in crypto world changes. Anyone with a CPU or GPU can mine BrazukCoin.

This guide will show you what you need, and how to set up mining programs,so you can mine BrazukCoin in just a few minutes.

Downloading mining software


The latest version of XMR-Stak can be downloaded from the developers Github page. Click on the link to download the client.

Copy the filesr inside the zip file to the  directory on your computer. Launch the xmr-stak.exe file to start the miner configuration.


Configuring the XMR-Stak Client


When XMR-Stak launches for the first time the configuration wizard will start. Enter the information below to configure the miner.

These settings will configure the client to mine at the popular BrazukCoin mining pool. Official Brazukcoin pool charges pool fee of 0.5%.

A list of alternative mining pools can be found at

  • Currency – Monero
  • Pool address –
  • Username – Enter your BrazukCoin wallet address
  • Password – x
  • TLS/SSL support – N
  • Nice hash – N
  • Do you want to use multiple pools? – N


Starting Miner Program


Once all of the settings have been entered XMR-Stak will attempt to connect to the pool and begin mining for BrazukCoin. The client will display the message “Pool logged in” if the connection was successful. After a few minutes of operating you should begin seeing messages that indicate “Result accepted by pool”. These messages mean that the software is successfully mining BrazukCoin.